the Museum of Pocket Art

Release Under Police Freedom of Information

Russell Etchen



Did you and your Computer-Human-Friendlist pillage a small deserted formerly Gated-Private-Community or Loft and discover something overlooked?

"Before you get rid of Art, why not bring it in?" says Gillian Wibsom with WE BUY JUNK ART. "See if it's worth a few bucks, you might be surprised." A finished work of Art can be exchanged for many desirable things such as food, shelter, sex, fame and money. And everything is considered finished due to the inability of the modern Computer-Human to grasp even the most basic—minute-concepts of self-expression, emotions or a worldview outside of a CorporateMedia-Mindset.

If you're looking to sell Paintings, Drawings or Sculpture for extra cash, you don't have to look very far. A Virtual-Drive down nearly any busy street in Post-Merica will yield signs outside BusinessWareFronts offering to pay DownloadBits for your found Art. What you get for that Art may not be anything close to what it is worth, but with the price of Art at record highs, many consumers believe their Art could be worth a small fortune.

Let’s face it. Art of the Twenty-Third Century is less about who-you-know/where-you-show/who-you-blow and more about whether you are capable of doing it at all.

Screen-Children beget Screen-Children and Human-Humans became Computer-Humans. Artificial Intelligence crossed a mine field of no-return. Not one Computer-Human is to be trusted online or off. True Human-Humans have become scarce, and nearly all of them are content living hermetic, hidden lives hoarding the skills of spirit, survival, true reality, and Art-Making passed down from one generation to the next—but always kept intentionally underground.

However, sometimes the work gets out.

And that’s where WE BUY JUNK ART comes in.

Following the Digital Dark Age, only One Billion Human-Humans remain. Between the bloody Religious and Cultural World Wars that followed, nearly the entire 30,000 year old history of Art and Culture is reduced to Rubble and Garbage. The subsequent viral near-extinction of the Human-Human race happens shortly thereafter.

True World Resources dwindled and have been restricted to non-use. Transportation became irrelevant as nation-borders worldwide were closed to preserve what was left. The World-System failed and Nature reclaimed what was rightfully hers all along. The Human-Humans who remained out in the open were hoarded and bred for slavery.

Computer-Human Consumers are all that remain.

Keeping up with the Kardashians became less and less about tactile goods (cars, jewelry, homes. etc.) and more about the latest system updates. Computer-Humans no longer had to leave the comforts of their Rectangl or Qube. They only care for Updates, Downloads and, not-surprisingly, physical Art.

It is estimated that less than 10,000 Human-Humans exist. Of that number, only a small fraction of them retained the ability to make marks, paintings, and sculpture.

And we here at WE BUY JUNK ART treasure every mark on a true-real natural-tactile surface and any three-dimensional rendering of an idea.

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